Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Become a Mentor

Execution is having a game plan and working it.
Execution is taking what is there and not trying to create something that isn’t.
Execution is following through on the fundamentals.
Execution is not making mistakes.
Execution is making the big plays when it counts.
Rory Vaden, drew this analogy to football in his blog.
How do you plan to execute your big plan? Do you have any plan?  Are you just a student and have no idea? At the beginning of each Youth Leadership Speech term, I have them fill out vision boards. See samples:
It is amazing to see the ideas these 5th graders have for their future. This group is special, they go to a fundamental school, the student, parents and of course the teacher strive to meet the requirements below.
  • Mandatory parent meetings each month
  • Regular communication with teachers
  • A homework heavy curriculum
  • A system of demerits that requires students to stay on task
  • A stricter dress code than other high schools
  • High expectations for student behavior and cooperation
Each Monday that I enter their classroon, it's a challenge, but a challenge with a smile.  It's the world of children, the world of dreams, the future leaders of our country!  This small place I have in their lives, is so very powerful!  Being a mentor/teacher may be the most important jobs one could undertake.

Do you have something to give, job skills, leadership skills, public speaking, just life skills become a mentor, it's powerful.

Stop in and see the future

Be a Mentor, create futures!
YSTA is building children to become leaders

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