Saturday, September 20, 2014

Take a trip to the future

Today we talk about the future, the children!  I will call it "A Trip to the Future". About six years ago, I designed some labels to go inside book covers. Then in some cases I would ask groups of students to read a book. Since they sat in rows in the class room, I picks the rows. They each had to read the book, and sign on the label "A Trip to the Future". Each group would then pick one person to deliver a speech on that book. At the end of each Youth Leadership Program, we would have a graduation/speech contest, where the families are invited. The students goal then deliver a speech on the book. The book

Pulling Weeds to Picking Stocks Paperback – August 5, 2008

  "Teen authors The Beatty Brothers offer an account of common financial insecurities in their inspirational how-to, Pulling Weeds to Picking Stocks. Heeding their parents advice, David, Devin, and Deric Beatty have spent their childhood and adolescent years pulling weeds for extra cash, preparing and presenting marketing strategies, picking stocks, and investing in their future. Pulling Weeds to Picking Stocks includes their easy-to-follow tips for being rich at fifteen, thirteen, and seven, such as budget worksheets, work ethics, asset liability evaluation, and tithing. No matter what age, you can follow these practical guidelines to make cents of the change in your life."  See the winner: 12 year old Chloe..

When I joined Toastmasters in 2003
Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our membership is 292,000 strong. These members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 14,350 clubs in 122 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations.)

 I had no idea how Toastmasters would impact my life.  When you realize what you can do as a teacher, leader, communicator, it becomes "A Trip to the Future"!

So many children since Chloe and that class of 2008, have touched my soul!  As I wrote in blog Break Down That Wall
"Remember you don't have to be rich, just be real!"

Friends, YSTA is about being innovative, being real! 

You may ask the question, are the children learning?  Read blog: The Kids Say Thank You and

Thank You

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