Thursday, January 28, 2016

I love this job!

I love this job!
As we start year # 8 , I can reflect back on the process of teaching public speaking. The challenges are awesome, the discipline  challenging, the result amazing.

Each year the children fill my book with photos and comments. Each class fills my heart with joy. The book is my Nobel Prize.  You earn the book, not with money, but with doing something for mankind!

Possibly the words of one student says it all?
I love Toastmasters thanks to one special person. Mr. York. Over the past several weeks, our class has had the honor of the mentoring of Mr. York Somerville in Toastmasters youth leadership program. Mr. York as we called him, always came to our class with a positive attitude. It was almost like he enjoyed working with us! :) Something not many people would do. Mr. York taught us many things; like organization, organizing our speeches, being good listeners, voice project, and use of gestures. We learned how to give and receive constructive criticism through our evaluation guide. Most importantly, he taught us speaking in front of people is not our number one fear, number two being death according to many studies. At this time we would like to show our appreciation of Mr. York with a few memorable gifts. Mr. York please join me at the lectern. First a shirt. You are now officially part of the Pasadena family!!!! Second, a stopwatch. That way you no longer need to endanger your fancy phone. And third, a photo album so you never forget us.. Franklin Delano Roosevelt said this about public speaking, “Be sincere, be brief, and be seated.” As will I.

By: Lauren B.

Graduation & Speech Contest
Feb. 1st starts another group. Each year these 10 & 11 year olds continue to amaze me. After 10 weeks the confidence of these young adults will be amazing. The program will commence with a graduation/speech contest, 4/27.

This is a closed school group, but if you know a child that can benefit, check the program below.
Building a Toolbox # 18
Location: Hope Lutheran Church
1801 62nd Ave N. 
St. Petersburg. Fl. 33702

Every Wednesday
Dates: Mar. 30 thru May 25
Time: 6 - 8 pm

Program: 8 classes, May 25, Speech Contest & Graduation

Friends and Families are invited. 

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  1. This is one of the best things we can do for the next generation !