Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Change the world one child at a time, How?

Parents, teachers, Toastmasters, everyone who cares, what do we expect from our young adults? Do we require them to read, to study, to get good grades, we hope.
Do we require them to become confident speakers? Not so much. Do schools teach public speaking in elementary schools, not so much.

My experience the last 7 years has opened my mind. You see in these 
'Vision Boards' these 10 year old's are paying attention. As I remember back to age 10, I had no idea what MIT or Harvard were. Friends the door to the future can be opened, just open it. I believe most of these students would not elect to join the Toastmaster Youth Leadership Program if asked? So that is why this program works best in the classroom. They then can't escape. But then they find out they love this Toastmaster thing! See my Facebook page:

I am trying to reach the world as American Idol has, as a Toastmaster International Speech Contest has. Each program is special, they open doors. Yes only a few make the final cut.  But each child will have a very special experience.

Youth Speaking to America, is just that chance to find yourself.  

Friends, the future is in our hands, we guide it, please help me find these future leaders. It could be your child who leads the world, becomes the next Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa or a Toastmaster World Champion!

So you ask, how do we find these children? Where do we start?

We start with schools, Toastmaster clubs, hiding in their rooms. There are speech programs everywhere.

Talk with a teacher about starting a Youth Leadership Program. Go to and find a club. Contact me:

Toastmaster clubs invite youth speakers to fill your agenda's, every club has speech openings.

Mentor them for 'The Big Show'.


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