Thursday, September 12, 2013

Filling the TOOLBOX

Parents, teachers, and Toastmasters, what are some of the things most important to our young adults in secondary school education?  A foundation must be built, which emphasizes good reading habits and studying skills.  There is also a great need for students to be able to properly and precisely express themselves in public.
My background and experience have led me to observe the tremendous progress in youth speaking over the past seven years.  This fall I will teach my 9th Toastmaster Youth Leadership Program.  I also make presentations every year at Toastmaster Leadership Institutes as well as District Conventions.  One of my many goals for the coming year will be to create the Youth Speaking to America (YSTA) group in June which will culminate in the American Youth Speech Contest, aka 'The Big Show'.
I am determined to make YSTA-2014 an event which will benefit all adults and children who attend.  This will not just be a speech contest but a learning experience which will show our young students how much fun they can have by participating.

People who know me recognize my passion and my determination to improve the skills of youth speaking in public.  “Filling the Toolbox” with ideas is a concept which I constantly refine and try to drive home to our young initiates.
I sincerely believe that every child has the potential to do well in a particular area.  Under our current methods of teaching there are often too many obstacles in the way, in  order for a child to succeed.  At the age of 16, I met my future mentor, Bob Riley, and he helped me unlock my unrealized potential and changed my life for the better.
“Filling the Toolbox” with creative ideas is one of the primary focuses of YSTA while we continually strive to develop proper speaking skills.

The parents of Albert Einstein were told that their son would be a failure and not live up to expectations.  Do not let this happen to your child!  Now, can I guarantee that your son or daughter will be the next “great thinker”?  No, I can’t but what I can do if you participate in YSTA is assure you that we will do our very best !

I am absolutely convinced that your attendance is critical at the YSTA.  If your desire for your child is to succeed, be creative and improve their self-esteem, then many will learn to meet the elevated goals and standards we set for them.  We have a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to have a dramatic impact on our children and the future leaders of America.  Why wouldn't you want your child to participate?

In closing, during this 2013-2014 Toastmaster year I want to persuade hundreds of clubs to teach and mentor our youth to become better speakers.

See you at 'The Big Show'


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