Sunday, December 1, 2013

'The Big Show' open's today

YSTA-American Youth Speech Contest, open's Dec. 1st:

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YSTA - 2014, The Big Show, will be an event every child and adult will never forget. Not just a speech contest, not just a learning experience, but a fun experience everyone attending will long remember!

Everyone who knows me, understands my passion, my need to improve youth speaking, and 'Fill the Toolbox' of ideas.

Every child has one thing they can or could do really well, but most never find it. I was that child who never was told he had this potential. It was not until I met Bob Riley, at 16, did I learn what my future held. Bob was my first mentor, he changed my life. Thank You Bob.

At YSTA, besides speaking, we want to open up young minds to their potential. 'Filling that Toolbox' with creative ideas.
Can you believe some teacher actually told Albert Einstein’s parent’s he would never amount to anything! Please don’t let that be your child.

Could your child be the next great thinker? The next Steve Job, the next Thomas Alvia Edision, the next Babe Ruth, or the President of the United States? Possibly the person who leads the world, for the right reasons? Not greed, power and politics.

At YSTA, we help create ideas that will create leaders, and keep America the greatest country ever.

Thank You
York T. Somerville

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