Saturday, December 7, 2013

Why Donate to 'The Big Show'?

At the end of each Youth Leadership Program,we have a graduation/speech contest. This last program at 6 pm, we opened with a video. This video is from the 2007 Toastmasters World Championships. This time I opened with "Slam" the runner-up speech by Rory Vaden. The families, school principal, teachers, etc. attend the contest. Why show these video's, because it shows everyone the power of this speech program. Later at intermission, we show the 2007 World Championship speech " The Swami's Question" by  Vinkas Jhingran.

So why 'The Big Show'?  After 10 years as a Toastmaster, attending, judging, competing, doing almost every job, you have to love speaking and competition. Since I retired as a event promoter in 2003, one thing happens, you never lose the desire to promote! Watching almost every "American Idol" program, sometimes it brings me to tears to see these young people get that chance to be on the big stage.

Now completing Youth Leadership Program # 10, you want to use some of the same ideas, as American Idol and the Toastmasters World Championship, then why not create 'The Big Show'?

Just imagine 3 day's of family fun? Just imagine your child on the big stage? Just imagine it's your company who sponsors 'The Big Show'. Maybe you just help one child get to 'The Big Show'?

'The Big Show' is almost 7 months away, but please spread the word, tell the students, the teachers, the parents and if you want to donate, please do.

There are thousands of students in speech programs around the country, now any student can enter 'Free' online, for 'The Big Show'

Thank You
York T. Somerville

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