Monday, October 21, 2013

How do we teach reliability to our children?

“I know that the people closest to me cannot count on me to do the things I say I’m going to do.
That’s what 10 percent of people admitted to in a recent survey we conducted of more than 3,000 respondents.
Think about that for a moment: One out of every 10 individuals knows that their word is so unreliable that even the people closest to them can’t count on them to simply do the things they say they’re going to do."
Rory Vaden, wrote this article today
Personally I don't remember many childhood lessons from my parents.  But I learned being on time and hard work payed dividends. 
Should we blame our parents for everything, why not, isn't that the theme today?  Rory said " Stop making excuses and start restoring your integrity"
Does a ten year old have integrity,  I am not sure, but we can teach integrity. Learning how important keeping your word is, being on time is, can be a deal changer in their lives.  I truly believe if you start teaching integrity early, they will live it.
 Don't we have extreme issues in our government today with integrity?
Do you want our children to copy, our so called leadership, or will you teach them yourself or find mentors like YSTA.
Over ten years ago when I thought I could write, I wrote a long essay 'The Left Handed Comedy'  on how political correctness and lack of integrity will ruin our country. I have my ideas, you decide.
Friends, I write this blog, not because I think I am a good writer, but just because I am concerned about the children's future, the future leadership of our great country.
Ronald Reagan said,  you could land on the "Ash Heap of History"
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