Friday, October 25, 2013

Never Forget.

Walk alongside 42 LIFE-SIZE, bronze statues of the FOUNDING FATHERS and relive the moment that launched a government ruled by “We the People.”

SIGNERS’ HALL—life-sized and exquisitely detailed bronzes of the Founding Fathers who debated and signed the Constitution in 1787. These statues are so realistic you feel you could clap your hands and they would all come to life. [See the first image in the media player at right.] By Denny Hatch

Will we be left " on the ash heap of history ", will we fall as the Roman Empire did, I am not sure, but it sure seems that way?

Our 'leaders' and I say that with lots of reservation, that they have proven their focus is only on themselves!  Thou I could write for days on this kerfuffle, I won't.

Today I want to release for public use my word "freakazoidal".  It can be used in any context you wish ( Our Government is freakazoidal ). Since it's my invented word, your allowed to change the meaning, or the spelling. Just don't be freakazoidal about it.

As I drift back to today's title 'Never Forget' about the men who wrote and signed the greatest document ever, the Constitution of the United States.

Why teach public speaking to children? Because it teaches confidence, it open's minds, it creates interest outside of the realm of their normal thinking.

I truly believe our children must understand the 'Never Forget', the 55 brave men who created the freedom we still have.

Our children are the future!


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