Friday, October 4, 2013

How do you turn things around?


I feel a strong need to be a role model, I think I even met myself at
 age 13, the class clown/trouble maker.  Meeting yourself  is such
a new challenge!  This is when you reach down deep in your
experience as a Toastmaster, father, and teacher, because you
understand, you were there!

You understand the lack of a role model, maybe a parent who 
lacks education?   You must take the lead because you know
how hard life is without a education!

Rory Vaden opens his speech 'Slam' with his back to the audience.
"He asks have you ever been slammed?  I know i'm being judged
right now, because they say never turn your back on the
 audience." As he turns around he asks " how is it that you turn 
things around.
In his close he says,as he turns around
"and that's how you turn things around" !

So how do you turn things around? 

  • First you open the door to public speaking
  • You give our future leaders a voice
  • Involve them in school speech programs
  • Contact a Toastmasters club, and ask if this child can be
  • a guest speaker?
  • Find or ask a Toastmasters club to present the 
  • Youth Leadership Program.
  • Contact a  school or your students teacher.
I have seen how students, as young as nine, gain confidence and
 overcome this fear of public speaking.  Find out what the students

We are the teachers of the future, please step- up. If you need more
information on how to start this program,
email me: or search Youth Leadership at
See you at 'The Big Show'


Today I started my tenth Youth Leadership Program.  This group of 17, 8th graders will be my biggest challenge.
After I explained what Toastmasters was all about, I showed two videos from the 2007 Toastmasters International Speech contest.
Second place: Rory Vaden 'Slam'
First Place:Vikas Jhingran 'The Swami's Question'


  1. York, thanks for the post now I know why we like each other we both live to inspire the young mind. As a teacher myself that is always my desire that I can be the cog in the wheel to turn some young life around so that they can see their potential, potential that was never made known to them before. I look forward to the big show I believe it will be the greatest ever.

    1. Thanx Vilma, I am reaching out around the world. Not only is 'The Big Show' a speech contest, it's a stepping stone. Teaching the Toastmaster Youth Leadership Program is a big deal. I truly hope 'The Big Show' will wake up Toastmasters around the world. We Toastmaster understand the value.