Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why, 'The Big Show'

This morning I woke around 4am, as I always do I sleep with the radio on. Coast to Coast, I believe is the best radio ever. This conversation was about John F. Kennedy.  A man who died well before his time.

I look at JFK as a man of vision, his vision the space program has brought to mankind, the computer age, Velcro, and Tang to name a few.

The writer of this book ‘Surrounded by Enemies’  http://goo.gl/vtKaM7  Bryce Zabel asks, what if JFK had lived?

Then some how my thinking turned to my passion’ teaching. Then you think about JFK’s passion and yours? Are they quite different?  JFK a Harvard man, me not quite I didn't even graduate the 9th grade, eke!
So if you're here to criticize my grammar, I don’t have time to have these posts edited.  I write to expand my passion, not my flaws.

YSTA is all about fixing my childhood, and giving our children a chance to face the world with confidence.  It’s about helping them understand how important education is. How important public speaking is. How important passion is!

What drives passion, what drove JFK ?   Didn't he have everything, money, society, good looks, and even Marilyn Monroe?  So why want to be the President?  Maybe power, I believe he had vision and the passion to be extrodoriade!  What if JFK had lived?

Bryce Zabel, said he believed JFK learned an important lesson after the failed ‘Bay of Pigs’ invasion of Cuba in 1961. Don't we all learn lessons?

Did JFK, create going to the moon, i’m not sure, but he told the world we would, we did. Sadly he missed out.

Friends, this blog is just about those passions, those visions, the ideas that can change the world, our children.

The creation of Youth Speaking to America is all about vision and passion.
It’s about changing the world one child at a time.

To have the opportunity to open young minds, to see our future, to see the brilliance and the vision of these young minds is my Nobel Prize  http://goo.gl/5wKgjc  !  I ask each class to fill out a vision board.  

It’s in 10 year old Rehna’s IB ( ice breaker ) speech she talks about wanting to win the battle of the books   http://goo.gl/7Ecxaz  .  I thought some books were missing?
  1. Tuesday’s with Morrie
  2. Who moved my cheese
  3. The five people you meet in heaven
  4. Pulling weeds to picking stocks

When you meet  10 year old Will; he could spell words like:



in ten seconds.
Then you listen to Paul’s contest winning speech title ‘Pink Slime’ it was about school food. Sadly the principal missed this one. I wondered is Paul the next great thinker?  One day Maggie handed me some songs she wrote. How do you win your Nobel Prize, become a mentor.

When you see 13 year old Rion Page  http://goo.gl/WNo4bm on the xFactor,  you feel something so beautiful, so powerfull you cry!

It’s exactly why I have created ‘The Big Show’, true not every child is a clone of Carrie Underwood.  I cried again this morning watching Rion, so far over 9 million on youtube agree.

Every day, every class I am blown away, every child is special!

Please help me find our future leaders, mentor them, teach them, tell them about ‘The Big Show’  http://goo.gl/kYtLkR.


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